The Pharmacy Helping to Keep Kids Safe and Happy

Kids are prone to picking up bumps and bruises when they are playing. It’s really to be expected. While we should help keep them safe where we can, we should also try not to be so protective that we wrap them in cotton wool. When they do pick up the occasional knock, we should be there to make sure that they are OK. Depending on the nature of the knock, we can then often patch them up and send them on their way again. One pharmacist is making sure that we are able to do just that.

A Helping Hand

Jason, a pharmacist with Medicinesbymailbox, noted that a lot of kids were picking up knocks at a local recreational centre. He decided to help. “It’s in the kid’s nature to get into scrapes”, he said. “I noticed that quite a few had minor injuries, so I decided to help”, he added. “I provide some bandages and cleaning products to help prevent infections”. “Kids in close contact with other kids are also prone to picking up pathogens and even parasites”, he added. “I provide some Online treatments for these as well”, he finished.

A Fruitful Partnership

While Jason is helping the kids at the recreational centre, he does reap some reward for his efforts. “I receive quite a lot of coverage for what I am doing”, he said. “The coverage probably more than makes up for what I am doing in revenue”, he said. “Business gas been going very well for me”, he added.

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